lakeville Garden, Dongxihu, Wuhan

   Wuhan, China
Wuhan Shenjiang Real Estate Co., Ltd.
214 600 m2

Every piece of land has its own characteristics. The priority of planning and design is to seek for the development pattern that fits the land, and attributes to reach its potential value.

The site is in the eco-tourist zone of Jinyin Lake in Dongxihu District, Wuhan. The site has a 800 m long shoreline. The linear condition of the site makes it possible for the residences to have uninterrupted lake views.

In order to realize the concept for the residences to have uninterrupted lake views, the high-rise buildings are arranged in a “V” shape with openings towards the lake. Townhouses are also arranged in a “V” shape close to the vicinity of the waterfront. Therefore, 93% of the residences in the group is designed with lake views.