DGBK was founded in 1972 and has been steadily regarded as one of the leading design firms in Vancouver, and K.F.STONE DESIGN INTERNATIONAL INC was founded in 1998. These two firms have now come together to create KFS Architects Inc. Canada. Our commitment to producing exceptional buildings and lasting design solutions is intrinsic to the way we work; our ability to listen and coalesce the client's needs is what sets us apart from other firms.

Quality of design and functionality are two of the fundamentals of architecture that we value most, since it is our belief that great buildings must inspire the public, while also providing a clear and workable design solution. We have built our practice around this philosophy and with the intent of becoming leaders in specific sectors of architectural design including, Health Care, Education, Recreation and Public Safety.

From the success of our approach, KFS/DGBK has expanded to offices in Shanghai,bringing our skill, expertise and methodology to a variety of new challenges and new regions. The strength of our work speaks for itself but more significantly it is also echoed by the testimony of our clients.



The process of design presents certain necessities; knowledge and experience in a multiplicity of projects types. In truth, we consider these to be the basics that most firms should fulfil and instead seek to stand apart from others by offering a service that is more holistic as well as personal. Based on this goal, we have consciously developed and maintained a core group of staff that have a history together creating a strong working knowledge and relationship. We are proud of our staff and of the fact that we maintain their loyalty to DGBK.

The promise to our clients is that we will provide the best and most dedicated attention possible to their project with input by all levels. We have always been a service oriented firm, concerned with solving not only the big issues, but the small ones as well. This doesn’t happen without a personal approach and commitment to listen.

We approach all aspects of our design with the same degree of relevance, from the exterior to the interior, because we are interested in the design as a whole. Continuity of the design is vitally important and this is only achieved by approaching all aspects of the design with the same level of rigor.


The fact that construction has such a significant impact on the environment underscores the role that Architects need to play as Stewards of the Environment. This is an issue that we take seriously and as a result of our efforts to act responsibly, we are rewarded with the knowledge that our designs are achieving results in reducing this impact.

KFS/DGBK has been committed to sustainable design principles for the past 40 years of our practice and we still look back to these same basic notions that are the building blocks of environmentally responsible design. Since these beginnings we have continued to stay current with new technologies and design strategies to achieve even greater results in lessening our environmental footprint.

We have achieved effective and efficient solutions to the challenges of site location, energy use and building durability through a common-sense approach that relies on innovation in design, and real-world concerns for issues such as acceptable product manufacturing, material qualities,and environmentally responsible construction procedures.

For the past decade, we have included mandatory sustainable design requirements in all of our project specifications, regardless of the desire to formally pursue LEED Certification, and we have encouraged our staff to stay knowledgeable in the changing aspects of sustainable design. At the present time approximately one quarter of our staff are LEED certified.