China Real Estate Awards
Introduction:2007.CIHAF: Most Reputed Company in Architecture and City Planning

2007.CIHAF: Dr. Peter Fu was also awarded ‘Most Influential Architects in China’

2006.CHINA REAL ESTATE AWARDS: Top Ten Architectural firm 

2006.CHINA …
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Speech at Tongji University
Introduction:"November 28,2006. Mr.Fu guo hua General Manager's Speech at TongJi University " 
Invited by the Tongji University ,celebrated architect Peter Fu gave a speech on "Design and Value"in the YIfu Building at the universit…
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photography exhibition
Introduction:"KFS Architecture Forum " A Century of Shanghai: An Architecture Photography Exhbition 

A Century of Shanghai:An Architecture Photography Exhibition hold by KFStone Design International is going to open in the middle of December in Shanghai KFS off…
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2008 Design Works Almanac
Introduction:2008 Design Works Almanac of The Architectural Society of Shanghai is Published

The book “2008 Design Works Almanac of The Architectural Society of Shanghai”, written by The Architecture Society of Shanghai, which is sponsored by K.F. Stone, was publish…
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Shanghai World Expo 2010 Design Proposal Competition
Introduction:KFS is one of the seven companies which participated in the Shanghai World Expo Design Proposal Competition and Shanghai has finally obtained the 2010 World sponsorship on December.
It has been commissioned by 7 among 9 prestigious Shanghai real estate companie…
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"How We Did It,Before ,During and After-The Vancouver Experience"
Introduction:In order to support Shanghai bidding for World Expo 2010,a workshop named "How We Did It,Before,During and After-The Vancouver Experience" was held on August 26th in Jinjiang Hotel,Shanghai. The workshop was organized by Canadian Consulate General Shanghai,Shanghai Ur…  Details click>>
Urban planning concept of Ai'jian New City, Haerbin, China
Introduction:Urban Planning Concept Of Ai'jian New City, Haerbin China
Reported by <<Haerbin Daily>>,<<New Evening Pager>>on Sep 4th , 2002 in Haerbin: The proposal from KFS+DGBK Architects Canada will become the basic plan for Haerbin Ai'jian New Ci…
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Shanghai Media reports KFS second anniversary
Introduction:K.F.Stone Design International Inc. (KFS) Two Anniversary
Several main Shanghai Media such as << Shanghai TV >>, <Wen Hui Daily>>, <<Real Estate News>>, <<Xinmin Evening>>, << Jiefang Daily>>, << Ch…
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