In the first decade of the new century, KFS has witnessed the huge progress of China, creating massive masterpieces for China. KFS, as a pioneer, is leading in the field of architecture compared to other worldwide companies in China. ‘Architecture service for the society’ is a core belief of the company, KFS gains back huge fame and great reputations from many people.

From 1st January 2005, KFS cooperated with Shanghai Educational TV Company, programming a new weekly architectural documentary --- Architecture Forum. Recording from famous international architects and designers, the programs demonstrate their architectural ideas, works and critiques, discuss the direction of Chinese city planning and the connection with human daily life. This program, as the only architectural program, aims to achieve a professional standard, but easily understood format, for all audience members.

The decade of KFS is the decade of innovation. The construction thirsts for luxury, while KFS introduces North-American minimalism, creating masterpieces such as Shanghai Da’an Garden. KFS mixes contemporary ideas and historic Chinese culture, resulting in high reputation projects, such as The Baltic Pearl.

KFS was nominated for CIHAF’s ‘Top 20 Architectural Companies in China ’from 2004 to 2005. KFS was awarded ‘ Most Reputed Company in Architecture and City Planning ’in the 2007 CIHAF awards. Dr. Peter Fu was also awarded ‘Most Influential Architects in China’ in 2007.

‘By people’ is vital to the success of KFS. KFS provides the stages for its employees with good working environments and conditions. Vise Versa, the employees hard-work creates massive profits for KFS, which is the foundation of the growth for the company.

In the coming year, KFS is working on new projects for city construction. KFS brings a new logo ‘Societies, Cities, Architecture toward...’, as a foundation for gloom in the next decade according to analysis of international economy, construction markets and company strategy. KFS Design International is given new challenges and responsibilities,preparing for the future.