Introduction of the Studio
KFS Performing Arts Studio is part of KFS Design International Inc., an establishment that focuses on performance and creation of musical, dance, and drama. Founder of KFS Design International Inc. Mr.Fu Guo Hua has a deep passion in the arts of dance and musical, and thus funded the establishment of the studio, which contributes to the The Music Box by KFS in Shanghai Culture Square.

The Music Box by KFS
Through a year of planning and preparation, The Music Box by KFS takes place in Shanghai Culture Square outdoor performing stage which is the result of the collaboration with KFS Design International Inc. The performing stages in which the musical takes place are made with reused container boxes, surrounds the audiences on every side creating a 360 degree of performance spectacle. To enable the audiences to fully enjoy the show, rotating chairs are used as the seating for them. With the concept of deconstructive theater play, the audiences and performers are brought together creating more interaction with each other, and settings for the play delivers more realism and thus further immersing the audiences into the ambience by using the semi-closed performing stage. This creation creates a new form of art that is fully merged with the everyday life, namely “The Music Box by KFS”.

The Music Box by KFS is made from reused containers with some modifications and differs from the typical performing stage, with the stages surrounding the audiences on four sides. With 300 audience seats, totally exposing the audiences to the every single details of the settings of the play, fully immersed in the ambience of the theatrical while enjoying the outdoors.

Shanghai Culture Square is host to more than 100 pioneering and experimental performances and other art related activities, attracting audiences aging from 18-40, providing unique performances and interactive activities.
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