Songjiang New City, Harbin,China

Lushang Property Co., Ltd.
966 124 m2

This project is located in Nan'gang District—southern part of Harbin city centre. The former site is Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences. This area is one of the gathering places of colleges and universities in Harbin. It has a strong technological and cultural atmosphere, involving residential, commercial, hotel, office, apartment and other business types. In the future, it will be built into a large-scale residential and commercial complex in the southern part of Harbin with complete functions, complete supporting facilities, reasonable layout and outstanding characteristics.  

The architectural design embodies the idea of focusing on residence and comprehensive development, in order to improve the quality of the buildings, enrich the spatial form, and create a good urban image and living environment. The design also increases the visual transparency of each unit, and minimizes the shielding of the buildings on the south to the buildings on the north.