Mingmen Garden, Pudong, Shanghai,China

   Shanghai, China
Lawton Development Co., Ltd.
10111 m2

The project is located on the north of Pudong Avenue and west of Tongshan Road, with clear views of Huangpu River towards the north. The inner yard is embraced by a high-rise building, a medium height building and a multi-storey building. The purpose of the design is to modify the layout to make the form complete, fulfilling and elegant, all the while maintaining the functions and requirements.

Starting from the entrance square of the community, a glass corridor connects the two entrance halls of Building 1, while the other outlines a graceful curve leading to Building 2 and surrounds a pool of about 600 m2. The scenic waterfall in the distance is the source of the pool water, which makes residents feel more genial in their hearts when they overlook  Huangpu River.