China- WE Park Grand Theatre

   Hengqin, Zhuhai
WE Park(Hengqin) Development Co., Ltd.
10 000㎡

WE Park Grand Theatre is mainly composed of four sections: an immersive theatre, a music restaurant, a 600-seat dinner theatre and a live theatre.
The immersive theatre is composed of a water stage that can be raised and lowered freely, as well as the live scene of Macao in the 1930s, VIP rooms, and the auditorium. The live scene of Macao can be a performing area as well as guest rooms.
The immersive theatre can be renovated into a standard theatre with 1,500 seats in the future.
The music restaurant is where the guests could admire Teresa Teng’s classic songs, which bring people back to the 1980s.
The dinner theatre will introduce a variety of performance forms such as the Broadway show of New York, to provide guests with passionate performances.
The live theatre will bring guests back to the Song Dynasty. It provides the enjoyment of traditional operas through exhibitions of porcelain, calligraphy and painting as well as other commercial formats.
Area of the immersive theatre: 10,000 m2
Capacity of the immersive theatre: 1,500
Area of the music restaurant: 730 m2
Capacity of the music restaurant: 300
Area of the dinner theatre: 5,000 m2
Capacity of the dinner theatre: 600
Area of the live theatre: 1,000 m2
Capacity of the live theatre: 100