China-Kingsoft headquaters,Zhuhai

   Zhuhai, China
Kingsoft Corporation Limited
145,000 ㎡

The development is in Zhuhai, south of the sea and north-east of Shikeng Mountain. The mountains to the north and sea waves from south, were mandatory features in the design concept. The drive from downtown toward the north, or sailing from sea, the Kingsoft Park’s shape mirrors the surrounding mountains.

The primary design features three dominant conditions. The established technology of modern architectural forms and minimum structure design are create and efficient functional space. It reduces the total costs, shortens the construction phases, and facilitates the interior plan spaces and volume spaces. Aeration of main offices and conference rooms is provided with 20m depth.

High Fashion façade design concept of ‘mountain and sea’, established a landmark icon architecture. The architecture itself demonstrates the contemporary style, with the facade use of  blue curtain wall, immense  wave aluminum roof and balconies  popping from the main facade. The building looks magnificent from every angle, especially viewed from the sea.

Superb sea-view of all the main buildings settled along the sea-line, extrapolating every possible view of the sea. The architecture looks like two arms encircling the entire site, each single room can properly view the sea in 20m depth.