Philippines- Urban Regeneration Planning of Manila

   Manila, the Philippines
Deluxe Family Innovation Investment Co., Ltd.
Urban Design
59.0 ha

The project is located in Taguig, a city in the southeasternpart of Metro Manila, the Philippines. It is adjacent to the C–5 highway, a main road of transportation in the Philippines to the east, and a foreign embassy area to the north. The fastest growing Bonifacio Global City in Metro Manila and the upscale residential area of Castle Park are less than 1 km to the west. The site is also just 4 km away from Manila’s largest airport as well as Makati City.
Under the conditions of high density and high F.A.R., large courtyards are combined into a large community space, and where each family can enter the inner courtyard or go outside through the public corridor space on the ground floor.
Site area: 59.0 ha
Gross floor area: 5,100,000 m2
F.A.R.: 6.41
Total amount of units: 7,217
Rate of greening: 40%