Xuhui Albert Garden, Songjiang, Shanghai,China

   Shanghai, China
Shanghai CIFI Group Co., Ltd.

The site is located in Chedun Town of Songjiang District, Shanghai, next to the Shanghai Film Park. The site is bounded by Yingcheng Road on the east, Yingche Road on the south, Cheting highway on the west, and Yingzhen Road on the north.

The project is a mid-density residential area. The design utilizes the surrounding resources to provide independent and characteristic living space with a wide range of housing typologies.

The overall layout ensures that each building has the best orientation, while at the same time minimizing the noises from the G15 Expressway. The design has multi-storey apartments on the north and west side, and low-rise townhouses on the southeast with a central landscape belt as connection. The north-south central landscape corridor provides spaces for exercise, leisure and communication. The commercial buildings along Yingzhen road and Yingcheng road form a 30 m by 50 m public square with a main entrance on the Yingzhen road, providing open space to the residents.