China- Pilot High-tech Park

Zhuhai Pilot Technology Co., Ltd.
21 600 m2

The site is located in Nanwei Area, Science and Technology Innovation Coast, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai. The site terrain is flat, with rectangular shape and surrounded by industrial buildings.
The design follows three principles: design strategy with economy, design basis with common sense and design measure with adaptive technology.
The design starts from rational analysis of the site, building scale and space interaction. The main entrance is located in the west. A landscape pond is located between the two main buildings. The design has an elevated ground floor and a stepped roof garden. It incorporates green energy efficiency. The buildings are designed according to the wind direction so as to minimize wind impact.
Two large scale landscape ponds are arranged in the centre of the site linked with the entrance plaza, pedestrian street and elevated ground level, providing a joyful landscape.
Site area: 1.2 hm2
Goss floor area: 21,600 m2
F.A.R.: 1.8