China- The Music Box by KFS at Shanghai Cultural Square

Shanghai Culture Square Theatre Management Co., Ltd.
300 seats

The Music Box by KFS is rebuilt with containers, which is different from the traditional frame stage. The theatre has an auditorium of 300 seats, surrounded by stages on four sides. It shows fully the pioneering artistic characteristics of drama works in small theatres. The audiences are close to the stages which are integrated with the natural environment.
In terms of the auditorium, 360° rotatable seats provide the view for performance on all four stages, and implement the creative concept of ecological and environmental protection. The theatre deconstructs the drama innovatively, narrowing the distance between the ordinary audiences and the actors by using the semi-enclosed stage form to fully integrate the stage into the natural environment and making art a norm of life.
For the development of outdoor stages, Culture Square aims to attract audiences aged 18 to 40 through the operation of 100 avant-garde, experimental cultural performances, artistic activities and other projects every year and provides distinctive experience and interactive activities whose contents strive for fashion, modernity and diversity.
Site area: 0.0324 ha
Audience capacity: 300