China- Proposal of Moon Bay 3D Water-surrounding Theatre

Moon Bay Tourism Development Co., Ltd.
18 500 ㎡

The 3D water-surrounding theatre is located inside the Moon Bay scenic area. The project site is an irregular deep pit with a length of 140 m from north to south, 70 m from east to west and a depth of 20 m. The design scheme creatively designs the 3D water-surrounding theatre that generated from the image of a lotus.
The main part of the project is a water-surrounding theatre, with a 360° immersive underwater stage and is arranged around the audience hall, so that the audience can enjoy the underwater performances. The actors can enter the underwater stage through the roof under the lotus. The project also has about 88 rooms surrounded by water and an underwater restaurant. There is also a full LED display on the cliff. On the other side of the deep pit is the cliff hotel with 100 rooms in total. All rooms have an excellent view, facing the central pool.
The project incorporated the underwater performances into the design scope at the beginning stage, and integrated architecture and artistic performances during the design process.
The design optimized the performing process and theatre management, and fully integrated the plots with the architectural form to present wonderful performances for the audience.
Site area: 1.63 ha
Gross floor area: 18,500 m2
Underwater theatre area: 2,000 m2 (300 seats)
Cliff hotel area: 6,705.04 m2 (100 rooms)
Underwater hotel area: 6,332.56 m2 (88 rooms)
Underwater restaurant area: 801.06 m2