China-Complex of WE Park

   Hengqin, Zhuhai
WE Park(Hengqin) Development Co., Ltd.

The overall concept of this project originates from the integration of Eastern and Western cultures. The overall form represents the eastern painting and the western dance.
The scheme consists of cultural tourism facilities such as immersive theatre with 1,500 seats, red lips dinner theatre, music restaurant and live theatres, as well as cultural and creative industries, offices and commercials. The project contains entertainment and catering to create a modern multi-functional commercial complex. It provides consumers with a brand-new concept and life experience, to create a cultural tourism destination and a cultural industry platform.
The commercial pedestrian street is designed with the imagery of dragon. The canopies form a colourful lighting space with the tower at night. The commercial space is based on the theme of gardens, combined with natural landscapes, green walls and natural light to create an atmosphere for shopping. It introduces green squares for walking as the core of shopping centres and integrates with commercial streets. In addition to providing multi-level activity spaces, the design also introduces opera, eastern and western cultures to various shops.
Site area: 8.4 ha
Gross floor area: 373,000 m2
F.A.R.: 2.6
Cultural and creative industry area: 76,000 m2
Office area: 84,000 m2
Commercial area: 50,000 m2