China- Complex of “Tianmu Qintai” in Hengqin

   Zhuhai, China
Zhuhai Hengqing area management council
93,000 ㎡

The site for the hotel is located at Hengqin Island in Zhuhai with Macau University on the east, and is separated from Macau by a river. On the north and south of the site there is Big Hengqin and Small Hengqin mountain range. This geographical feature provides the site with stunning landscapes.
The design idea is inspired by Hengqin, literally meaning ‘horizontal lute’-Island of romance; being adjacent to Hongkong and Macau, it was originally two islands: Big Hengqin and Small Hengqin. These two parallel islands resemble a couple of Chinese ancient lute, eternally playing music for the mountain, the wind, and the sea throughout the day.
Hengqin Hotel combines all these geographical features to result in a form of a horizontally positioned Chinese ancient lute.
Technical Information:
Total land area: 35788 sqm
F.A.R : 1.90
Total building area above ground: 68000 sqm
Building density: 47%
Number of hotel rooms: 512 standard rooms
Building height: 82 meters
Number of floors: 20
Including 16 floors of guest rooms (3.8 meters each floor)
Number of yacht berthing space: 337 units