China-Huafa World Center, Lot 35# , Henngqin

   Hengqin, China
Huafa Industrial Co.,Ltd.Zhuhai
72,000 m²

The project is located in the south part of Shizimen CBD, on the north-east corner of Hengqin Island. This project connects the residential site, Huafa World, and also the commercial site. The goal of this project is to support and create a lively community.

Inspired by the local aqua culture, fishing culture and advanced technology of Zhuhai city, the design uses architectural elements to build up an integrated life pattern. The theme “Serve the world without travel” makes the whole city united.

The style of the podium is inspired by local fishing culture. This design creates a special commercial atmosphere and community space. By merging outdoor activities, the design changes thepublic spaces into an “outdoor living room” for the community.These places are connected by commercial and catering activities.

The high-rise towers are also inspired by the local fishing and aqua culture. The shape of these towers has been designed to resemble a “fishing basket”. The different heights of each tower work together to create a dynamic skyline. This gives the ground level community space a lively atmosphere. The design also uses green building techniques to create ecologically sensitive buildings and make the whole project a symbol of healthy life.