China-Yalong Bay,Sanya

Shenya Group
Urban Design
365,500 m²

The site is located on yalong bay in Sanya, Hainan.  beside about 20 five star hotels.

Two large entrances are located in the North and South end of the site, separated by Yefeng Avenue. Hotel and recreational area are located in the north part of the site, and has a strong connection enabling them to cater to the collective needs. Recreational features such as paddling pool, waterfall wall, and outdoor performing square is included in the area, providing striking visual impact while creating activities for the tourists.

Southern part of this site includes the commercial zone and a resort area as its borders. Carefully planned housings resulted in elegant and orderly waterfront villas. Visitors can choose to either indulge in the peaceful nature of the tropics or experience the vibrant and lively nightlife of Sanya.

The commercial area reflects a small European town, where interesting courtyard and street spaces are carved out of the buildings. A shopping mall is included in this area along with boutique street and mixed retails. The purpose of this section is to provide retail shopping, dining, bar, and markets for the visitors. These facilities hold the presence of water features and beach landscaping, making it a one-stop leisure spot.

The plan of the high end resort area is in form of palm tree leaf, reflecting a prime element in the tropical regions. The housings here include garden villas, semi-detached villas, and courtyard villas. Courtyard villas are located at both sides of the lake with streams flowing into the land forming a network, which integrates the residences with the water body surrounding the peninsula.