Memories of the Valley
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《Memories of the Valley》tells the story of the overseas returnees, three 16 year-old teenagers sharing the same birthday, meeting each other at a river valley. Namely “River Valley No.1, No.2, and No.3”, celebrating their birthday together and declare themselves brothers and sisters. They then promised to take care of each other like they would their own soul. They also promised to reunite at their 26th birthday, bringing their own work related to the river valley. The story develops to their reunion 10 years later which involves a complicated emotional plot.

River Valley No.1: 26 years old, male, sculptor, studied in Western Europe. He is an extrovert and very emotional.

River Valley No.2: 26 years old, female, musician, studied in East Asia. She has a fickle personality and is forever looking for her own identity.

River Valley No.3: 2y years old, male, architect, studied in North America. He is as emotional as he is rational, forever looking for the true meaning of love.

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