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KFS Music Box, a musical performance by KFS Architecture Forum, has made its appearance on Shanghai Daily on 18 July 2014 in an article written by contributor Zhang Qian. The article introduces the eco-friendly concept behind this musical establishment and how Peter G.H. Fu, creator of the musical and chief architect of KFS Architecture forum has combined his passion in these two different fields to create this artistic musical creation.


 KFS Music Box, Shanghai's first outdoor theater made from recycled materials with a national patent, will open to the public with an original Chinese musical, "Memories of the Valley" on August 1 at Shanghai Culture Square.
 Theater designer Peter Fu is also a co-producer of the musical. "Many people say that archicture is a solidified form of music, which indicates a subtle connection between the two art forms. As an architect for 30 years, I was always curious about my happy 'neighbor' and finally I got a chance to step in, I had great fun in it," says Fu, who has been constantly questioned about why he created a musical as architecture.
 The musical about three young talents who each bring gift to the valley where they first meet is also a way for Fu as an overseas returnee to show his love and loyalty to the motherland.

--Excerpt from Shanghai Daily 2014.7.18


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